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Wine cups with orange or cobalt


Image of Wine cups with orange or cobalt

Each cup is handmade and slipcast porcelain wine cups created from pinch clay layered on top of each other, creating a petal effect.
All pieces are clear glazed to cone 6.

Handpainted with stripes of handmade orange and deep cobalt blue and fired to cone 04. Stripes are matte, a beautiful contrast to the creamy porcelain.

Perfect for wine, flowers, or by themselves!

Height 3.25" by 1.75" wide at lip.
Holds 10 ounces.

All my pieces hand made to order. Often I have inventory in stock. If the 'Ready To Ship' option is available, your order will ship out within 3 days. If you click 'Order Now' your piece will be made to order and will be ready in 2-4 weeks.